Current Projects:

An analysis of Voting Behavior in Swing States for the 2016 Election:

The goal of this project is to analyze voting behavior among various demographic and geographic groups in swing states.  The Edision Research exit poll data will be analyzed for 11 swing states,  to determine if there is any significant difference between voting behavior in individual swing states and the rest of the country.

Former Projects:

Predicting Delegate Assignment in the 2016 GOP Nomination:

A simple bayesian model for delegate assignment in the 2016 GOP Nomination Process.  Election results from states who already had a caucus or primary were used as the prior.  Predictions and posts located here: .

Predicting the 2016 Presidential Election:


I created a Bayesian model using the Gaussian conjugate prior.  Poll data from other states served as the prior.  Poll data from the state studied was used for the data. Predictions located here: and methodology here: .

Right now I am exploring publication of the general election model.

A paper on the general election model was submitted to the Undergraduate Statistics Research Project competition sponsored by the American Statistics Assocation and the Consortium for the Advancement for Undergraduate Statistical Education.  The paper is located here.


Texas Tech University Undergraduate Research Conference 2016 : Presentation on work on Predicting the GOP nomination (3/30/16)

The Math Behind the Presidential Election presentation at Midland College (10/28/16)

TTU Statistics Seminar Presentation on my Research (Primary model and plans for the General Election) (10/31/16) 


Poster on Nomination Process and General Election 

Poster Presented at the Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics (2/5/17) and to be presented at the Texas Tech University Undergraduate Research Conference on 3/28.

Note: The poster here is slightly edited from the poster presented at Nebraska

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